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They might not be the sleekest and sexiest vessels around, but sure enough they are comfy! If you are not looking for strong emotions and leaning hulls, but prefer wide cabins, good service and interesting menues, a gullet might be your best bet. They provide the comfort of a cruise ship without the crowd. Needless to say bthere are thousands of ships around, and chosing can be tough. You don't want to end up on an overcrowded and noisy motel afloat with towels and other items flying around to dry, Napoli style, moored to other ten or twelve similar monstruosities you have to cross before reaching the shore! No need to risk: we visit them for you and snoop around for the best bets.

Gullet overview Prices in euros
Vessel Prices Prices per person Category
Destination Route/Link Length Cab Min Max Min Max
Croatia Dubrovnik 29 5 13500 21300  5 stars
Croatia Dubrovnik 1 23 6 8200 12100 4 stars
Greece Cyclades 20 5 10500 14000 1050 1400 3/4 stars
Greece Sporades 20 4 10500 14000 1050 1400 3/4 stars
Galapagos Galapagos 35 6 1900 2000 4 stars
Italy Sicily 25 8 10500 17000 900 1600 4 stars
Italy Naples 24 12 1600 5 stars


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