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A yacht, gastronomy and the Sea: a perfect balance

                                                                                 "Bad cooking is responsible for more trouble at sea
than all other things put together".
-Thomas Fleming Day

If a journey neglects the pleasures and the traditions of gastronomy, the memories it will impress will be never complete, always insipid and seldom remarkable. Combined delights of travelling and food find the supreme balance in a private gourmet cruise. While the skipper and the yacht will sail between the bays and havens of your selected destination, the cook will introduce your senses to the culinary marvels and gastronomic traditions of the sea. The Mediterranean is our favourite gourmet playground, a sea where the diversity of ingredients, techniques and traditions is so great that any other competitor will look like a McDonald’s in comparison. Just think about a simple fish soup… One can happily spend weeks tasting Sopa de Mariscos in Spain, Bouillabaisse in Marseille, Caciucco in Livorno, Kakarvia in Greece and Gregada in Croatia, just to name some of them! What makes a gourmet cruise so special?


Culinary heritage: life on the sea means sharing the passion and the experiences with the local fishermen, the proud and sometimes jealous safe keepers of the best ways to prepare the fish and combine it with the other local products. Professional sailors know the fishermen and their families, and hours are often spent discussing the best recipe for the daily catch. Many of our skippers are also passionate fishermen themselves, and a catch is very likely to be the reported highlight of a cruise. Our hostesses and stewards are very often locals, and they do their best to preserve the heritage they learned from their families. It’s a perfect circle: fish is born in the sea, dies on a boat and must be buried in the sea.

Private service: to book a whole restaurant for your own group. Not bad, is not it? Cooks ready to prepare all what you like best, waiters at your exclusive service, silence around, dress as you like and not a stranger in sight. Well, that’s business as usual on your own private yacht, and most often at a competitive cost when compared to a regular restaurant bill.

Local products: unless you happen to charter large yachts with massive galleys and huge refrigerators (frozen food… horror!!), the typical sailboat cook spend most of its time ashore looking for the local ingredients. It’s unlikely you’ll ever meet the boat crew pushing huge supermarket carts. The staples are bought at the beginning of the cruise, far from your eyes and not inconveniencing your time. But we love our food fresh, and supermarkets are not the best places to find it, moreover places with supermarkets are usually ugly. So each cook and skipper creates his own network of shops… Butchers, bakers, fishmongers, fishermen, local market, specialized grocery shop… We invented organic shopping well before it became fashionable, out of a practical requirement we built a shopping style whose quality is reflected in the flavour of the dishes. Local and certified denomination products are thousands in the Mediterranean, spanning around every spectrum of the edible. The best French cooks are now trying their best to transfer in their wines and dishes the flavour of the ‘terroir’, the land, the soil, the local flavour. We do better: we offer the flavour of the land, and of the waters around it.

Organic products: our shopping style is necessarily as organic as it can possibly be. Our sailing destinations are far from great supermarket chains and most of the fresh products are bought locally, in places where the use of chemicals is often unknown. Moreover, we are deeply convinced that our menus should offer the most natural products available. Perfection does not of course exist, and we’ll never be able to check the wheat content of the best pasta brands we use, but we really do our best.

Wine: Armstrong Global is the first and only charter broker that decided to concentrate the greatest attention to wine. What we do is to choose some of the best wine producers and wine merchants to have a selection of wines especially hand-picked for a weekly cruise of wine tasting and a menu to suit it. Our organization provides different Wine and Brandy Lists to choose from, according to the client's desires. Right now we decided on a regional approach, with weekly cruises where you can discover the marvels of: Piedmont, Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia, Sicily, Greece (with Italian and Libanese support), and Spanish Jerez brandies. Enter our wine page to know discover our offers and our brandy page to discover the best liquors.

Customized menu and wine chart: we dedicate a lot of effort to discover your tastes, so we can help the hostesses and cooks to prepare a perfect menu, balancing your dietary requirements and your preferences with the local food offer. As for the wine, our WineAboardService allows our guests to choose a personal wine list out of a 2000-strong list from the best Italian wine merchant. The chosen bottles will be delivered aboard before your arrival.

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Destination Prices per week (avg)
Size (feet) Type Vessel Person Pax
Croatia 40 Grand Soleil 40 4500 1400 4
Corsica 44 Swan 44 3000 750 5
Sicily 44 Gib Sea 44 3000 850 6
Greece 46 Grand Soleil 46 4200 900 6
Sardinia 49 Taswell 49 4000 700 4
Croatia 50 Grand Soleil 50 6500 4
Polynesia 56 Marquises 56 2090 8
Mediterranean 65 Swan 65 12000 6
Riviera 35 Oceanis 35 500 5
Elba/Corsica 39 Adventure 39 750 6
Greece 40 Lavezzi 40 Cat 4875 1440 6
Thyrrenian 46 Grand Soleil 46.3 4200 900 4
Caribbean 46 Fountain Pajot  9000 6
Sardinia 49 Hallberg Rassy 49 6000 7
Greece 51 Oceanis 51 7700 8
West Med 57 Lagoon 57 10
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